Sunday, July 18, 2010

FatBoy Sunday

FatBoy refused to get out from under a car even when I showed him the food that he liked. He sat and refused to look at me. The auntie made a lot of noise and wanted me to get a long branch to encourage him to get out. She was quite desperate so I finally had to squat and pull him from under it. He was light and so it was easy.

So I gave hm his 2 clicks of growth hormone and the auntie's friend helped me to squeeze out the fluids for the SubQ. I told the auntie (who was hard of hearing) to relax for abit as all the noise was very hard on my nerves. I explained to her the whole process and what was going to happen tomorrow and she kept quiet so we had 30 minutes of quiet for FatBoy.

Then he ate a little and wanted to get out of the carrier so I let him out. The auntie said she would give him more food later if he asks for it.

I think we would all take a picture tomorrow as I expect quite a send off for FatBoy. He is much loved!

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