Sunday, July 18, 2010

FatBoy Saturday on Sunday

FatBoy came out immediately when he heard the ring...
FatBoy looking a little thin ...
Meds that he has to take everyday..

from right - The Alutab (green) for phosphates - 1/2 in the morning and 1/4 at night, or if he hates tablets, then its 2.5 ml of suspension. The Apo-K for his potassium - 1/2 a tab daily and finally the 2 clicks for the growth hormone.

I gave him the 2 click without Cousin R's help because he sat very docilely in the carrier. Today, Sunday, I will try again and then will also try to give him the SubQ myself.

Tanaka showing interest at other cat's meds. I bet he won't be so curious if he has to take them himself!

I thought FatBoy would not appear on Staurday so quickly but I was pleased that he proved me wrong. he had dinner and then some more post dinner meals. So he ate 2 cans of Tuna Flakes and Chicken. He drank some water from the bowl but then took a walk in the drain to drink some rain water! But there is nothing I can do about that. Then he walked across the grass and sat looking at the night.

FatBoy will go to the catsitter tomorrow and there would be a bevy of aunties waving him off. i hope they don't stress out, stress him out or stress me out with interminable questions. I'm sure the auntie would ask again if I was going to put FatBoy to sleep and to ask me not to. That question, although very natural, stresses me out more than any other question!

He would be at the cat-sitter for a month and if he and PD get along, we can bring them both home to stay at FB's block since both are males. of cos PD can stray to Minah's block or even find his way home again to his own house but for sure he can't go back to Putih's block at all.

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