Sunday, July 11, 2010

Are you ok kitty?

On saturday, Putih looked well with her new collar...
She seemed to be very much taken with the streetlights this evening. It was a busy Sunday evening and as usual she didn't eat her analgesic from the doc. On Saturday, she ate around her meds and tonight she refused to eat the punded verson until I gave her a new bowl minus the meds.
A close-up of Putih. I had to leave her to her own devices as I needed to look for FatBoy...

Putih looked very well on Saturday. You can hardly see the limp unless you're looking for it.

This week has been a whole week of exams and so I didn't get a chance to see all of the kitties. On Thursday Cousin R told me that Putih was limping but she could see no abrasions or external injuries. Eventhough I thought she might have just hurt herself, I needed to be sure and so made an appointment with the vet on Friday. I planned to bring her to the vet after I gave FatBoy his SubQ but that did not go according to plan.

Anyway I was glad to be able to take the short video as she looked very well indeed. The vet gave her a shot and gave me some meds for her , to be given on the weekend but I was not successful on both days. The vet had tried to look at and feel her right hind leg but she kept snarling at him and so he decided to leave it alone and gave her a shot for the pain. Nevertheless, she looked well enough and it was only soft muscle and no bones were broken or fractured. He also helped me put the buckled collar on her as all her collars were either stolen or snapped open quite easily. I hope this collar would stay a little longer although I was not able to write my number on it.

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Anonymous said...

How much pain killer to give our cats? When comfortable, cat may get too active for healing to work. Our "fracture" cat felt so good he took off his cast. He had to have a rod inserted to hold bones together. A little pain is good for him. Putih h'ever need to have limbs in good condition at all times to live on the streets.