Thursday, July 15, 2010

FatBoy, a small tussle and a rant

PD, who is now in R's shelter has grown to be a 'darling teddy'. But of course the cats at the shelter were mostly males with one fierce female only.

FatBoy, having dinner, quite oblivious to the debate that surrounds him...

Right after , J, the volunteer at a cat shelter offered to ask Mdm W if she could put FatBoy in the PRF shelter, a few people had offered us other alternatives. It was no longer an option for us to have him in the PRF shelter as Mdm W's helper would be going home. One of the auntie's friends had told the auntie that she had a contact to put him somewhere in Sengkang. However as FB was sick, we would have to pay about $130.00 per month for his care.

The auntie told her friend that I might not want to out FB there as it was expensive and FB was not my home cat to begin with. I was quite surprised when she told me this! But I told the auntie that I would not put FB in Sengkang as I do not know the caregiver and have never been to see the place. It was not a matter of money but of trust as FB was sick and I was not confident that the lady (who seems to have a flat in which she keeps cats in a room) would be able to take care of him. I was just concerned with the fact that she keeps cats in a room and she brings cats that she finds on the streets home. I guess if she has room for the cats and she wants to bring them home, it would be good if she can keep them healthy and happy. I guess she must have some income and a shelter is a business opportunity in a way. I am just not sure if FB should be in this 'shelter' at all.

Yesterday another person who feeds him at night called me up to offer to pay the cost. I told this good Samaritan that money is not the issue but trust and FB's welfare is. She tried to convince me that the Sengkang 'shelter' would be good and the shelter that I had put PD in was not. When I asked her why she thinks the R's shelter was not 'good', she had nothing to say. She said she 'heard' that it was not good! Aiyoh! I am very suspicious of such good intentions. Anyway I had gone to see R's shelter and the cats are all cat and happy and PD was looking very well indeed. C, who helps with sterilizing and mediation in PR also said that when she saw PD, she was very pleased that he has grown to be a 'darling teddy' of a cat! C was the one who had had PD sterilised in the first place and had recommended R to us.

My decision last week was then to just have FB be where he is and we would just have to keep a sharp eye out for him. He is thinner and sometimes he is a little sleepy but other wise he seems ok. He has been on SubQ 3 times a week plus his meds. He sometimes tries to escape (as all cats would) when its time for meds but I am quite patient and would wait until he comes out to eat.

However with the troubling events in the past week of 2 domestic cats having fallen from 'high floors' and died, I am very concerned about FB's ability to run from potential danger. The suspicion, not yet proven, that someone may be up to no good and the fact that 2 domestic cats (one was allowed to run about alone outside) had died in a space of 2 weeks is the one thing that had me thinking about my real motive for not wanting to have FB in the Sengkang shelter. It could be a good place which would be safer for him than having him in the carpark.

UPDATE: The SPCA has ruled this case (of the kitty that was allowed outside) to be an accident. The other cat had no external injuries and was also ruled as an accidental fall.

Anyway I called R and asked if I could put FB in the shelter anyway, in case the suspected danger becomes a reality. R said she would have space for him next Monday. So after his review today, I could make some real plans for FB. Still I think I may just be prejudiced about the Sengkang shelter as I have no real proof that it would not be a good place to begin with.

Another point was that the good samaritan tried to persuade me that putting FB to sleep was not the thing to do. I had to tell her that it was not my intention to put him to sleep!! I did say that the auntie did not want to put him to sleep but I think that was because she would feel much too lonely without him but finally I told her that I cannot promise anyone that euthanasia is not an option because surely the cat's welfare should come first and if he was not able to have a reasonably good life and if he was in pain, then it would have to be a real possibility. I also suspected that she wanted him in the Sengkang shelter because of this fear, that I would decide to put him to sleep if nothing else could be done for him.

I do not even know yet what I would do but the shelter option at R's would be a reality as she would be able to make sure he gets the SubQ everyday, which is a better option than on alternate days. I do not know if this could be the long term option though. But we shall see. The future is still a murky thing with us here.


Anonymous said...

Did human throw those cats from the floors? At one time I do see dead kittens on highways and wondered how the kittens strayed so far from home and a thought occurred if people had purposely brought these kits onto these roads to face their death.

Anonymous said...

Accidents happen. Some cats are not the brightest bananas in the bunch-i can attest to that ;)
You have already spent big bucks on blood tests and meds/supplements for FatBoy. Fortekor & Sub-Q would set you back $100 per mth so what is $130 boarding fee? With regular Sub-Q, many kidney cats can live comfortably. FatBoy does not look like he needs a big area to roam-just some safe space. San, you are kind as well as practical.