Thursday, July 29, 2010

To the vet we go...

Toro has been under the weather for the past 3 days. It started with him vomitting on 3 mornings last week. I could hear him in the early hours and then I would find brown patches of half-digested kibble on the mat in the bathroom. He is a good kitty as he always does this in the bathroom or close enough to the bathroom. However, he had since stopped vomitting but now he is a very subdued kitty whose habits had changed quite drastically from the happy rompish blur kitty of before to the now rather subdued one.

He now prefers sitting by himself in the bedroom, preferring to be near his litter than anywhere else. He is not interested in Da Bird (which used to be his toy of choice) much and does not ask me vociferously to go to the toy cupboard to take it out and play with HIM. He now sleeps by himself in the rug near the bathroom instead of on his blanket in bed and does not rush out in the morning to eat the treats first. Rather he would stroll out after the others and would just sniff at the treat before ignoring it and moving on. He does not even come to me in the evenings to request for the brush. He does not run about roaring at the shadows at night in the living room. And more than anything, he does not go to grandma to be cuddled.

But he pees and eats his canned food like always. He has just turned into another hermit (like Ms Akira) and would choose solitude rather than people.

So this evening I am bringing him to the vet so I can rule out anything medical first. I hope things will look up for the little guy!

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