Monday, July 05, 2010

Polka Dot

Cousin R and I went to see Poka Dot last Saturday. It was a short visit as R had to take care of her cats. All the cats there were either R's own, boarders (like Polka Dot) or cats waiting for adoption. They were all fat and cute and very friendly. They came around and sniffed at us and asked for scritches. These cats know how to work a room!

Polka Dot (PD) was very calm when we spoke to him and he sat inside his cage eventhough we had opened the door. I asked R if he was indeed calmer and she said he would make a good pet. I told R that he was a pet until his people decided to abandon him! As R's cats are mostly male, we could not ascertain if his temperament was better around female cats. There was one female cat though but she didn't like any make kitties and spent her days apart from everyone. So that did not help at all.

The other cats came by to sniff at us and sat about showing their tummy. THAT was enough to convince me that PD was in a good place. PD was not as confident though and walked about near the walls as he was a newbie. But he looked very good, with a clean coat and litter bin. I spoke with R about him and she recommended that we take him back to our place just to see if he was better with his cat skills. But that place already has 4 cats. The only consolation was that they had all found a common cat language and 5 cats would be one too many!

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