Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

Minah this morning...bright and cheery

I have many things to be thankful for this Tuesday. I thought I should make a list-

i. Minah ate 3 shares of Orijen biscuits this morning. She was okay last night at dinner but I was afraid that this morning she might feel the cold in her bones. But when she saw me out of the lift, she immediately greeted me and asked for food (as usual). She ate her first share quickly so I gave her some more. I sat with her while she was eating as it was already 7.15 am and many children were walking to school. I was afraid that they would make a dash for her or disturb her breakfast.

ii. The amigos are safe and sound as usual :). I gave Tanaka and Bujang some juicy grass and they were happy.

iii. Work was not too bad and I had managed to complete 1/3 of an appraisal report. This was a good thing as I know the rest would be easy.

iv. The rest of the Wild Bunch - FatBoy, Putih and Billy Boy are all okay. Casanova (the black and still unneutered male cat) had made his appearance after many months. I was afraid something terrible had happened to him but he appeared looking healthy although thinner. Casanova is a very smart cat as he has no fixed schedule with us and I'm sure he has no fixed schedule with the other caregivers as he is still not neutered after so long.

So for all these things I am grateful.:))

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Anonymous said...

Minah is well, great!