Saturday, November 01, 2008

I am too old fur that...

Please don't try to kid me...

I tried to give him some salmon oil in his wet food for dinner. He sniffed at it and decided to quit. He followed me into the living room and waited patiently for me to notice him not eating. I think dinner is his highlight of the day apart from the brushing sessions. I think I had been too enthusiastic in giving him a level teaspoon! Tomorrow I would try just half of that or even 5 mm to start with. One thing for sure, he is drinking from the CAT-IT and so there would be no dehydration and I am still giving him his once-a-week sub q.
I had tried to get some 21 gauge needles from the pharmacy but none of the 3 pharmacies that I had gone too carry 21 gauge. So I bought some 19 gauge and last Friday, he did not protest at all when I pierced his skin with it. I know he doesn't like the 18 gauge needles as he would tell me so quite vocally!

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Anonymous said...

For most SubQ things, i go to one-stop store, Progress. They carry BD needles. For Terumo needles (my preferred brand), place an order with Guardian (I use HV branch). There's Braun needle too.
Hospital retail pharmacies generally have good supply of needles-however, do call before you go down.
I just ask my helper, we give salmon oil in a capsule ;)