Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its Tuesday- We Rest!

Toro fav hangout...

He just had a session with the groomer last Friday. I told the groomer NOT to cut his whiskers and to shave his tummy fur so he would be cooler. Grandma reminded me not to shve him as she said he is looking handsome already and she wants him to look good. So now he sports a little longer fur...but not too much. Eventhough he likes being brushed, I have not found a brush that would allow me to give him a good brushing. I saw the 'furminator' at PL but the demonstration video was too scary. But it seems to work very well to get rid of all that fur that would contribute to shedding.

Oh well...

Tanaka waited for Ms akira to come down from her high roost. He sat on the cat blanket on grandma's bed and looked up at her for some time. Then as if he knows she would not make an apperance, he decided that a nap would be just as good. :)

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