Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Goodnight Wednesday

I lurve my toy cat...

Yup san. I lurve this cage. It is very personal space - mine!

Bujang likes sitting in this old cage quite a lot. As a matter of fact he has been monopolising it forever and no other cat gets to sit in the cage at all. Ms Akira came last night to inspect her old cage but she didn't enter. she likes her new one more as she goes in and out of the new one several times last night. She can always be found on the higher tier in the morning :)
I tried to give Megat his usual dose of salmon oil and some of it accidentally got onto his ears. Now he smells of salmon oil! He doesn't mind it but I do as he likes to snuggle with me after dinner. Oh dear..all I can smell is the oil. I should be more careful next time. :)
On a positive note. We are glad that cat_aunty found girlcat and she is safe and sound. YAYYY!


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Tanaka looks SO cute with his toy!

xy_meowie said...

yes! i simply love the 1st pic :)