Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello..do you have a cat?

You're a lucky cat FatBoy...

Good Samaritan (GS): Hello. Do you have a cat?
Me: Huh?
GS: I think I saw your cat downstairs
Me (now enlightened): Oh yes. Its my cat.
GS: I think your cat is downstairs
Me: What Blk?
Me: Oh yes. He is a downstairs cat. Is he alright?
GS: Yes. I think he's hungry.
Me: Oh yeah..I am going to feed him. Thank you.
So the phone number works and people do call :) FatBoy is a very bold cat and very friendly and I'm sure he went to the boy to ask him for food! Its just that he is a very big cat and people might be afrid of him because of his size. I am glad the GS called me to tell me that FatBoy is downstairs. At least you know that someone cares enough to call.


auntie p said...

The caller is so cute. :)
Was he/she a young person?

san said...

No lah. I think more like a teenager. A malay boy. :)

Mary said...

ha, ha; be prepared san. you may start getting lots of call if fatboy keeps going to people for food :)