Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good Morning Sunday

Sunday is here again and we are just the same here..quiet :)
What is out the kitchen window? BIRDS!

Tanaka trying to figure out where the cattails had gone...

Sunday is here again and its already November. The amigos began the day quietly and we had played a robust game of 'Chasing the cat tail' after which I had given them some treats. They had some cattyman shrimp but Bujang vomitted it all up again 5 minutes later so I gues it did not agree with him. I think the shrimp treat was just too hard for him to digest. Poor Bujang. The rest of the boys had no problem wolfing it down though.

They are now all sleeping Sunday away as usual after breakfast, play and treats :) Sometimes it is good to be a kitty.

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