Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cat Grass Mystery

2 different growths from the same catgrass brand...

I simply have to blog about the cat grass. Bujang now does not like to eat wheatgrass anymore. He prefers the cat grass that we grow ourselves :) This put some pressure on me to grow at least decent grass for Tanaka and Bujang. It surprises me however why sometimes I cannot get some decent grass from the same brand using the same soil. The one on the right took 7 days to sprout shoots instead of the usual 3 days and then it took another week to grow in this wild fashion. The one on the left took 3 days and it is now growing straight and strong. It is also crunchy and juicy. I can hear the crunch when Bujang bites into it :) I wonder why.


Anonymous said...

Maybe right-hand box is old stock and seeds are not fresh?
There is a soft grass that cats would eat. It grows in the shade & disappears during long hot spells.
Safe to eat or not? Safe lah, my cats go right up to these plants in gardern to eat them for years. If you talk to gardeners, they tell you what plants are remedies for certain cat illnesses. Of course scared lah, eat and die how?
Basically grass is for fibre. Adding quarter tsp psyllium husks ($3-4 at Mustafa) in their food everyday would do as well.

san said...

Yes Bujang sometimes would go near the undergrowth to eat the grass there. There are softer. Thne I decided to cut a few and bring them home. Of cos lah the King refused to eat it at home :)