Monday, November 03, 2008

Good Monday Minah

Minah crouching on the wet ground...

I tried to give MInah her morning kibble but she would'nt have any. she just sat there on the wet grass and meowed but was not inetrested to eat or walk away. She did allow me to touch her and neither her ears or nose was hot. When the amigos have fever, the parts that would be hot would be their ears followed by their nose.
She did not protest when I tried to make her sit up but she insisted that she wanted to sit on the wet ground. I am keeping her under observation as per cat_aunty's advice. she said a cold front is coming on :(

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of Minah and wishing that she is well. When a cat crouched in that position in strange places, it could mean some discomfort (tummyache?). Minah needs some monitoring.
Hope (fingers crossed) that Minah is fine by now.