Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear little Fiver

One day at a time Fiver...

Dear cat _aunty

Do take furry good care offur yourself also. I hope little Fiver fights the flu and fever. She is a furry lucky kitty to meet you and uncle. I fink she needs some lessons fro me :) When I chose san to help me, I was furry good and didn't fight her or the v_e_t. I had many v_e_ts until san found one that would help me through my problems :) I fink she is furry scared but I will ask the amigos to purray fur her all the time. Whatever your decision, i fink you will do the best fur her. Take good care offur yourself too.


(I told san I want to write an entry for Fiver and she said she would get the right pikshur offur me fur the entry. I hope I didn't scare you wif this pikshur but san said she likes this one the best)


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

I am purring for little Fiver. I was very sick with cat flu when I was little, but I managed to pull through with a lot of luck and a lot of love.


cat_aunty said...

Dear dear Megat, I like this picture very much too!

San is a brave woman, she pulled you from the brink of death gave you a furrever home, and tried to do the same for Cal but it was too late. If not because of what she had done, I wouldn't have the courage to say, Save her, to the silly vet, when he proposed to euthanise Fiver.

I know Fiver fights and claws because she is afraid.

Maybe I will transfer her to Spencer's vet, when she becomes a bit better and not as contagious.