Sunday, November 02, 2008

Caged News

Zzzz on sunday....
This is the first time Toro could get on top of this cage for a nap :)
I am now trying to see if anyone wants this old cage although Toro has only now managed to get up on it for his naps. Previously when it was outside, he was unable to jump to the top because of his short legs. Now that he can get up using the various chairs and bookcase, he could use it more frequently :)
The amigos don't really sleep in cages. It is only Megat and Ms Akira. Megat as he is very naughty and grandma does not trust that he would be able to keep out of mischief if he was left to his own devices. I cannot have Megat in the room with me as he would make sure that no one else gets to sleep on the blankets. The I would have 3 unhappy boys. So Megat sleeps in his own cage at night at about 11.00 pm and gets out at about 5.30 am to be Lord of the manor all day.
Ms Akira does not like sleeping with the boys and she would yell and tell me off continuously. I had tried a few times to allow her to sleep out of the cage but she refuses. Once in the cage, she relaxes and would actually sleep on her back as she feels quite secure that none of the boys would be on her case. I rescued her from the SPCA and she is used to sleeping in cages I think. Grandma does not feel easy if I let her roam the house unsupervised at night and she does not like the boys so to keep everyone happy, she has to be in her cage. That was why I got her a bigger cage so she could have a lot more space.
The three boys, Bujang, Toro :) Tunabelly and Rocket sleep with me in the room. they have their own blankets and baskets so they are very happy. Everyone knows their place in the household :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, i have the same problem. Our Pumpkin (Tanaka look-alike) wld 'disturb' elderly cats. An elderly cat had teary/swollen eyelid recently-stress-related. Now, kitten sleeps in guest bathroom at night...sad, but what to do if "so naughty"? Kitten has entire house in the day (it's disabled, can't jump) but safer to be behind-doors at night.

In a multiple-cat household, it is necessary to keep separate "secure" areas at bedtime for some peace and quiet, fully understand need for night-cages.
I understand some people put their cats out at night ;(