Sunday, November 02, 2008

Goodnight Sunday

Goodnight Sunday...

At dinner I heard some knocking at my door. It was the aunty. She very breathlessly told me that something was wrong with FatBoy. "He cannot eat. There is something in his throat." She 'wailed' that some 'people' must have fed him something that made eating difficult.

Although I know the aunty can be a little melodramatic, I told her that I would come immediately after I had fed the amigos as they were in the middle of dinner. I told grandma to take care of the rest and took my cat carrier with me as I knew if it was serious I would have to send him to hospital straightaway without wasting time to go back again for the carrier.

We rushed to see FatBoy and to my surprise he was sitting meekly near the bicycles. I actually had visions of him lying listless or at least see him scratching his face (like the aunty said). He came when I called him and wounded himself around my legs. I saw the aunty giving him food but he took one sniff at it and refused to eat it.

I looked at his face closely and was relieved that nothing seemed wrong. He actually wanted to eat and he was alert and his eyes were bright. Then the aunty took another can from her bag. I touched it and it was COLD! I told her to wait and went up again to bring him a few more cans that were not cold.

Then he ate about 100g of Fussiecat tuna and chicken! I told the aunty not to give him food straight from the fridge and if something was wrong with him, he would not be walking about with bright eyes and looking very alert.

It was an aunty emergency instead :))


KXBC said...

Aunties are usually very drama! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa....aunty emergency is preferable to a REAL emergency ;) Aunties are fortunate to have a trouble-shooter like you to help them and fix their problems during stressful times. Thank you San for being there for the community cats.