Saturday, November 15, 2008

Look danger in the eye..

Toro dreaming of errr...nothing. He is just sleeping soundly....

I was thinking "What on earth were all those people doing...watching a cat try to cross the road." No one tried to help the cat or grab the cat from doing itself harm. Maybe , just like the zoo goers who thought the poor contract worker was involved in a performance art programme, they thought the kitty was also a performer, trying crossing the road infront of them!

I tried to get to the kitty as fast as I could. By this time the kitty had tried to cross the road three times. I must applaud the drivers who slowed down to allow the kitty to cross the road. No driver sounded their horn at the kitty which could have shocked it into an accident.

The onlookers, the people who were waiting for their bus, just looked on and no one moved to do anything. Finally the traffic signal turned red and the kitty actually waited for the road to be clear of cars (quite clever) and then crossed the raod calmly.

I reached the bus stop as soon as the kitty crossed the road! The kitty looked like one who had done dangerous crossings before though. It did not panic even when cars stopped right in front of it.

And the onlookers? They looked on to see if their bus was coming!

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cat_aunty said...

Apathy is the worst human trait