Saturday, September 06, 2008

Update on Cal

Welcome to my humble abode...

Cal welcoming some more scritches and more and more until she dozed off...

The IV that gives her fluids ...

Cal nodding off...zzzz

The first thing the vet said to me as I made my way to the isolation room was "She ate just now, by herself." Wah.....we were both pleased and surprised that she did that. Then I saw Cal in her little box with her back facing me. The vet said she was in there by herself as she couldn't risk the other cats at the boarding place as we do not know if Cal has FIV/Felv/FIP. So she will be staying in that room all by herself. It is quiet and I'm sure she appreciates the silence.
When I opened the door to her compartment, she mewed a little and turned around to face me or my voice. We spent some time with each other and I'm glad to see they had cleaned her up. She appeared cleaner and her face was much more clean than when we brought her in yesterday. she has the third eyelid in both her eyes though so I know she is not well at all.
They have given her the ear mediaction and I saw her blood tests. She has no problems with her kidneys, thank goodness.
I stayed for an hour until she fell asleep and asked the vet if I can bring her favourite food - fussiecat tuna and chicken. The vet said I could and so on my next visit I hope she will eat it. I will also be bringing some wipes to clean up her eyes and face and body.
She must be really sick to not mind me touching her at all. In fact she quite welcomed all the scritches. I had thought of bringing her a soft toy but I wonder if it would be the best thing as when she gets better she will have to go back and there would be no soft toys there. :(
I will ask the old aunty if she wants to visit Cal next week. I know she would be glad to see her although the old aunty said she thinks Cal has not long to live in this world.


Anonymous said...

Hahhaa....i know that glass door and tiles well-my cat's longest stay was 11 days. To cut down costs, i bring my "disposables" namely the lining pads and my own glucometer if b/g is tested often. Do ask if you could provide your own fluid-it is $19 per bottle at clinic.

KXBC said...

XX's 10-day stay cost us $1.8k which includes all the medication. Cal's fees won't be cheap if she stays longer. Has the vet found out the underlying cause to her unsteady gait?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon sweet Cal!

san said...

dear kxbc
The vet has not yet found the cause. She is trying to see if it is an ear problem and so she is giving her some Isopto Fenicol for the ears and some antibiotics Clavamox. I think the two days has already cost me $482.00 for the 2 day stya and medicine and tests. No doubt the costs would rapidly increase.

Good luck on collecting the urine from CC. That one costs me alot of headcahes until I hit upon the solution. But then megat does have separate sleeping arrangements and his own bin in it :)

san said...

dear anonymous
so the doc has to give me a prescription for the fluid lah right?

Anonymous said...

The fluid in the photo is the same Hartsmann's Solution (Braun) that i use for Sub-Q for my cats. Do you use the same for Megat's Sub-Q?
I see "9" on meter - my guess is 1 bottle over 2 days.
No prescription needed for Hartsmann's Solution.
All the best Cal.

KXBC said...

I needed a prescription for Hartman's solution when I bought it from TTSH. The brand they have is Baxter, manufactured in the Philippines.

If it is just some antibiotics with no blood test, $482 is expensive for 2 days.