Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cal aka Parking

Cal after a clean-up session

Cal looked much cleaner today. I think the nurses cleaned him up again and I'm glad to see her fur getting more white and clean. She mewed a weak welcome when I saw her and I immediately decided to wipe her face and eyes with the per wipes that I brought with me. I also changed her cage lining as she had wet the one that the vet used, using the ones I had bought. I thought it was very good advice that 'anonymous' gave me and if I have to pay, I would rather pay for the meds or tests than the disposables.

I am sorry to say that Cal did not eat anything by herself today. They still had to force feed her with Hill's k/d. I brought her fvaourite food - Fussiecat tuna and chicken but she did not even sniff at it. She kept turning her face away. After I had given her some scritches and talked to her for a bit, Cal decided she wanted to stand up and I was pleased to see her able to stand by herself although a little unsteadily. Then she decided to gather herself and lay close to me and I waited for her to fall asleep before closing the door to the cage. Of course being a cat, no sound was inescapable so she opened her eyes again to watch me leave. I said goodbye and told her I would visit her tomorrow after work.

The hospital was pretty busy and the attending vet was not able to speak with me nor the nurse. I think she has not much improved in real terms. I felt very sorry for Cal, all alone in the hospital but at the back of my mind I know she was also all alone when she was here too, living in the carpark and sitting in the drains. It is a hard life for a community cat!

By the way we also call Cal 'Parking' as that is where she is most times. It is easier for Cousin R to call her Parking (for place) as we have now 5 cats. Another male cat had adopted us early this year and now he is just as big as any cat of the WildBunch. I had told the reception that her name was 'Parking' to their amusement although I call her Cal. :)

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Anonymous said...

You can buy reasonable lining pads (i think $3/5? for 10 sm/lg pcs) at DNR Wheels Pte Ltd-it is at 21 Kim Keat Rd-near Balestier.
Do find out MORE abt "disposables" & you will know what to do. The vet staff do not offer suggestions but they are understanding.