Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to own a corner...

I saw this book at Popular today and decided to buy it. Its in Chinese so I only get to look at the pictures. I think its about finding your place in the world (although I may be wrong). I love the cat pictures but the rest of the book is pretty exquisite. It features colourful drawings of young people against a backdrop of nature and everyone is always quiet and restful. I wonder what the book says. I have taken some pics and of cos I have also placed the blurb in the entry. Can anyone tell me what the book is supposed to be about and who the author is?

Most of the pictures are like this. The human bean is always in the corner, very small compared to the vastness of nature..

Picture one.....

Picture 2...I assume its an explantion...

I like this one very much. The next one shows the boy putting his finger through the wall to stop the water from rushing into the compound, much like the story of the Dutch boy who saved the Netherlands from the floods...
[I walked..very long, along the way heard the mermaid singing, she sounds melancholic, sad/pitiful, realised in a corner of the world lies some sad stories.]

Then it showed this picture of the boy in bed with his cat, looking at his finger. Btw , when the water pushed through the wall, the boy had a fun time playing in the water....

This pic is one of my most favourite :))

Ok this is the blurb. If anyone can tell me what it says, I would be grateful. I think I will try to find more of his/her book once I know who it is.
NOTE: The words in bold have been translated for me by aunty_p. Thank you aunty_p :)


Anonymous said...

The author is from Taiwan, most of he books you can see cats i think he love cat very much. I bought he books also because of the cats. But I'm chinese so reading is no problem. I'm live in Mei Ling St (Queentown mrt station) I have total 7 cats in my house.

chin wan

cat_aunty said...

Dear San his name is Jimmy, a very popular artist/ writer from Taiwan, his works translated in several languages around the world. He has 8 cats, past and present.

Some of his more famous works include The Moon has Forgotten, Walk to the Left Walk to the Right, Missing My Cat etc etc.

His works are exquisite, but always tinged with sadness. You can find most of his original works in Kinokuniya. Bring the book and ask the staffs to show you. I wonder if they can also help you to locate the artist's website in English.

The translation:

there is a child in my heart.
when she feels that she is not in sync with the world, she would hide in a corner.
there are songs for her to sing, riddles to solve, memories to contemplate, dreams to be picked up and collected like fallen leaves

in the corner, she breathes lightly, walks slowly
the spaces between the notes becomes music
there is a beautiful new world in the silence and blank space

there is a child in my heart
each time she hides in the corner, it is but an temporary absence
she needs time
to find her place in the world again

auntie p said...

The author Jimmy (name on the cover: "几米",in simplified Chinese text,which is what I have on my pc) is a very famous Taiwanese illustrator with many books and illustrations surrounding the cat and the world. His works have been exhibited at art museums and even imprinted onto leather wallets and sold at dept stores, e.g. once at OG. I think his books must have been translated into English, but I don't think English language can truly reflect the beauty of some of the verses and terms.

The Taiwanese used complex Chinese text but I think it's like this (from my limited Chinese):

Pic2: Shhhhh...

Pic3 with the wall of water (text blur): I walked..very long, along the way heard the mermaid singing, she sounds melancholic, sad/pitiful, realised in a corner of the world lies some sad stories.

Last Pic - Editor's Notes:
1) There's a child in my heart, who can't get along with the world, she hides in a corner, where there are songs for her to sing, riddles for her to solve, memories for her to ..view(?), dreams like falling leaves for her to keep, and pick...

2) Here, she breathes lightly, walk s slowly, the space between the musical notes - shapes to become music. In the silence and, there is a beautiful world.

3) There's a child in my heart, every time she enters the corner, she's just temporarily absent (from the world), bec she needs a little time, to rediscover her place in the world.