Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cal in hospital

Cal in the good ole days eating contentedly...

Cousin R and I brought Cal to the hospital in Balestier yesterday as she was staggering along. She was in the rain last Monday and did not eat well. For the last 3 days, she has been eating a little bit but she had diffculty swallowing her food and walking straight. Yesterday I had a call from Cousin R, who helps me with the WildBunch, that the old aunty told her that Cal had collasped! I came down with the carrier and the old aunty put a very calm and doclie Cal into it. I immediately brought her home and sequestered her in the bathroom.

We then brought her to the hospital and the vet checked all her vitals. She was not dehydrated, her heart was beating fine, her limbs were okay. She was very puzzled and put Cal down for the walk test. Indeed Cal began to walk unsteadily, swerving here and there. She tested Cal for glucose and she was fine. Btw, she is just as fat as before so there was no malnutrition.

So finally the vet decided that Cal should be hospitalised and given fluids and persuaded to eat, or if she doesn't eat, then forced to eat.

The vet said that she could just be faint with hunger, or she has an ear infection which would cause the erratic walk or even something in her brain may be damaged or she may have a tumour. She could not account for the erratic walk. The vet said tumours and cancers are often found on old cats. I do not know how old Cal is but the old aunty said that Cal was Minah's mother. I had seen Cal aorund as an adult cat even before I brought Bujang home. Since Bujang would be 4 on 25 sept, then Cal must be about 5 or 6 years old. I do not think that is old even for a cat although in himan terms she may be about 45 years old and that is not old.

So after seeing that Cal was put safely in her warm cage, we gave her some scritches (which she allowed to our surprise as Cal can be one fiesty kitty!) and went home.

An old picture of Cal having a big meal of tuna and chicken...she could finish every morsel then...


The vet said Cal's condition has not much improved from last night. She was calm and had to be force-fed and given fluids steadily. She would be given antibiotics and they would look at the ear infection (if any). Since she was still unsteadily, the vet did not want to release her and I also have reservations on that point. The vet asked if I could take her in (Imagine gramdma's horror at another cat and the amigo's distress!) The vet said she would like to release her from hospital but only if she could be taken care of. Yesterday Tanaka snarled and hissed at poor Cal and the other boys were not pleased. So I cannot possibly take her in with 5 cats in the house. I know the old auntie cannot take her in as she has a dog called Bobby who would bark the house down. I know the old auntie could not give her the sub qs if she needed them too.

The vet said it would be expensive to have Cal in hospital for 2 weeks that they would need to monitor her. Then if things do not improve they would take one more week. Anyway I do not see any other way for Cal as we have no one else who could take her in and certainly she could not go outside and be safe.

I will be going to Balestier to see her later as well as pick up Megat's Eprex 1000. We will see what happens then.

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Sen and Tom said...

We hope that Cal will be all better soonest.

Sen-Chan and Tom