Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to own a corner...

Another exquisite illustration...

The translation:
there is a child in my heart.
when she feels that she is not in sync with the world, she would hide in a corner.
there are songs for her to sing, riddles to solve, memories to contemplate, dreams to be picked up and collected like fallen leaves

in the corner, she breathes lightly, walks slowly
the spaces between the notes becomes music
there is a beautiful new world in the silence and blank space

there is a child in my heart
each time she hides in the corner, it is but an temporary absence because
she needs timeto find her place in the world again

Thank you aunty_p and cat_aunty for translating the blurb for me.
I did think from the pictures that it must be about finding your space in the world. Where silence and time is your friend.
So I will probbaly go to Kinokuniya to get the rest of the books :)

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