Monday, September 22, 2008

Dinner with the WildBunch



The Visitor. He needs a name since he has adopted us...


The WildBunch were not very hungry this evening. they only ate a portion of their tuna and chicken, even FatBoy. The old aunty suspected that someone else has been feeding him as he has not been hungry these past few days.
It seems that The Visitor actually has a family who lives 3 blocks away from us. It seems that the father of the family has stopped feeding him regularly. When he came to us, he was very thin with bald patches on his back but now he is very fat with a very shiny even coat. I guess now that he is a picture of health, the family would find even fewer reasons to take care of him. I think his previous caregiver (or his 1st caregiver) had neutered him, therefore the tipped ear. I think this clever cat now has two feeding areas!
Putih was her usual active self and after dinner, she ran about running after shadows. She is really very cute and happy.
I hope the WildBunch will always be happy and safe from harm.


auntie p said...

The visitor looks like the Naughty Boy (aka Goodu) near my place, and Putih reminds me of Kiddy (a boy community cat). :)

AB clan said...

These cats are happy to have a nice place for dîner.
Bon appétit
ViVi & AB

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the wild part, they sure look like a HappiBunch to me ; )

F said...


they r gorgeous!


cat_aunty said...

They all look very healthy and well taken off.....

Stay that way, kitties!