Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good morning FatBoy...

When are you going to feed me? Did you bring anything good?

This was the first time I managed to get a nice clear picture of FatBoy's handsome face. His eyes were not the same size but I could see nothing wrong with them. They were clear and bright. His whiskers were not of the same size though. This was the first time I had noticed it after 4 years of feeding him dinner. I must say he is quite a handsome boy.
Can I ask you for a favour?
He jumped up the bench and asked me for some scritches and we spent some time talking to each other. I should have been better prepared and should have brought some wet tissues to clean him up a bit although he was very clean already. There is no such thing as being too clean!

Yukk! I dun wan dry food...gimme some Fussiecat!

FatBoy and I just shooting the breeze together...I was glad to have this time with him...

FatBoy looking lithe and strong. He used to be FAT but now he is just muscular as a cat should be.


cat_aunty said...

WOW what a very distinguished and rugged gentleman!

So this is Fatboy. Is he the top cat?

Maybe he is a right pawer, hence his left whiskers are more developed????

san said...

Yup. He is the top cat in my neighbourhood. He used to make alot of noise when we gave food to Cal but would wait with us if she was late. He also follows the old aunty like a little dog. But he knows better tahn to tangle with Minah who would scream her lungs out when she sees him trying to muscle in her territory.