Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sleepy Sunday


We had a furry lazy day today and waited for san to get back fur dinner. We do not know where she went but ber bag smelled funny like when she goes to the V_E_T. She got home and immediately told us we should eat dinner and so we did. It was furry good - fussiecat chicken and tuna.
Megat got to eat first. I was not pleased but san said he had to take medsin-antibiotiks! Oh oh! Bettur him than me. Then we sat and rolled about and groomed. Now it is time to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, i know what you mean about bag smelling funny, Bujang.
My mom sometimes comes back with strange smell but she runs into bathroom straight away. She has 2 washabale bags - Kipling - that she washes with antiseptic liquid. Glad she does not bring back "smell' from other gross ;(