Saturday, September 20, 2008

Butterflies and cats

The old aunty told Cousin R last Thurdsay that as she was sitting in the early evening, she saw a butterfly perching near the table where she sat. She said it had Cal's colours. She thinks it was Ca'/s spirit coming back to say her final goodbye to the old aunty as she did not get a chance to see Cal in hospital at all. She was much comforted and who knows what the truth is. I would like to think that she was right.
It reminded me of a japanese movie I once saw The ballad of Narayama. It was a very sad movie but I was happy when I saw the mother coming back to tell her son that what he did was right. She came back to forgive him. he saw a butterfly among the flowers.
I would be picking up Cal's ashes tomorrow from the vet and we would be putting the ashes around her favourite tree. I hope to be able to tell the old aunty tomorrow so she could be there too.
On a sad note, we wish to tell Lincoln of ksn's house to be happy and play with the other happy kitties in heaven.

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cat_aunty said...

I see....Chinese does believe that their loved ones do come back as moths/ birds/ butterflies, especially the 7th day after they have passed on....If it makes the auntie has closure, so be it.....