Saturday, March 31, 2007

When you are afraid you have to...

Get up the sofa so you can watch everything from higher ground!

Sit in grandma's lap. She will save you from everything!

Sleep in the red tunnel...

Okay..but if you are quiet, no one knows you are here..

Sit under grandma's dinner table...

No one ever sits here anyway but me...

In times of an emergency, the amigos know what to do :) There is no need to hold an emergency exercise in the amigo house for them :)

I was reading vegancat's communitycat blog yesterday and in one of the entries he had written about what to do in case of a fire. What is it that you have to bring out first?

When we experienced the tremor in Pasir Ris earlier in the month or was it last month, grandma was alone at home. When I came back from work she said the first thing she thought about was - How to get the amigos out of the flat? She did not think of anything else. :)

And so we discussed what she has to do in case something happens and how to put the amigos together in the green carrier and the blue one (for Ms Akira only). Then she has to put both carriers on the stroller and bring them all out that way. I think for this one, we would have to practise.

Now I only have to tell her where the envelopes for important docs are - yalah one of them would have to be the amigos' medical records :))


cat_aunty said...

Yes, it is best to have a dry run. We also won't know how the kitties will respond at that time.

But hope we will NEVER have to use it!

Big Ears said...

Hi, I'm glad I get people thinkin. These days there are just too many nature catastrophies that we cant be unprepared.

Frankly, I think most people are not prepared for themselves let alone their pets. Maybe I should find out how to take care of myself first than my children. Just like what the airlines normally suggest to parent to put on the mask first than their kids eh?