Saturday, March 03, 2007

New collars for the Wild Bunch

Red Alert!

I decided to get red collars for the Wild Bunch. I hope that this identifies them as one group and people would know that they belong to someone - namely me and the old aunty. FatBoy's webring collar was getting ratty and someone had stolen Little Calico's pink and white polka-dotted collar, eventhough it was a little dirty! These collars of course belonged to the amigos but I don't think they would mind if I give them away.

The handsome black and red striped one is for FatBoy. It has the white luminous dots which would be better for him as he moves about quite a lot. I hope drivers would be able to spot him and not mow him down.

Little Calico has the one with the little jewels. she looks pretty in it. It was coincidence that I brought the collar down on last Tuesday. I noticed her pink collar was dirty and I had wanted to get her a nice new collar. On Tuesday night I finally brought her the collar and saw that she was missing her pink one! She has worn it for many months with no mishap. She was very skittish when I came down to feed her last Tuesday and refused to go to our usual feeding spot. Then I noticed her bare neck. I think someone had taken it off her at the spot and so she was pretty skittish and turned around several times to look about her! She has always been a pretty confident kitty before this.

No collar for Calico Mom.

I didn't put a collar for calico mom as she is a fierce one and does not allow anyone near her. But I saw the old aunty last Thursday and she helped me put the red collar for Calico Mom. The aunty just swooped her up and I quickly snapped it shut. She has a plain red one and she looks quite nice in it. The old aunty was very pleased that the Wild Bunch are collared and so am I.


No collar for Casanova as he is not one of mine although I feed him when he comes around. He does not have a regular time-table and so its difficult to make friends. He is a very big Tom and looks very strong. So I am a little nervous of catching him for neutering. He comes and goes as he pleases. The old aunty does not like him as he has screaming matches with Calico Mom she says. I have not been witness to this but of course FatBoy hates him and screams the house down when he sees Casanova.

The old aunty tells me that she is no longer able to work at the coffee shop because she is allergic to detergent. So I asked her to help me feed the Wild Bunch on 3 Fridays as I will not be able to feed them on time because of work.

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cat_aunty said...

Sigh. Why why why do stupid humans want to steal collars from poor, harmless strays????