Friday, May 28, 2010

Vesak day walk

The Big Picture
Bujang slinking along the pillars...

Our walk today was rather slow. I think Bujang had forgotten what he liked about walking downstairs and spent the time being very cautious about everything. Of course the fact that there were more people than usual walking about contributed to his uncertainty.

We had not gone walking for about 1.5 weeks as the days were either too hot or it had rained in the evenings. But he had one high point when he chased one of his 'watchers' off. The cat had sneaked to sniff at his carrier and Bujang did not like that at all. After that he decided to stay just sit around his carrier so that NO other cat would get anywhere near it.

I think next week would be better as I would be on a break and we would be able to walk more.

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