Friday, May 28, 2010


I am not buying that!

This moring I went out to put some Cat Welfare Society flyers on 2 blocks of flats. I got there a little late as I got a little lost. But finally we all met (all 3 caregivers) and started to put the flyers onto the front gates and weeee also managed to speak to some of the residents about taking care of their pet cats in a more responsible manner. Some people spoke to us politely about their issues but there was one resident who said if he ever saw a cat, he would kick it! WHAT?

I think when he saw that we were very shocked that he would even say that he very quickly said that he had never kicked a cat but had chased one 'upstairs' before. When I asked him if a cat had ever peed or pooed at his front door, he said this had never happened but 'cats always do that.' I tried to tell him that this was not true but he ranted on saying that the SPCA should come to get the cats.

Anyway we saw some residents with cats outside their houses and advised them that it would be better if their indoor cats remain indoors. All in all it was not as scary as I first thought it might be.None of us had ever placed flyers door to door nor spoken to people about their cats in such a situation.

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