Monday, June 14, 2021

Walking at the park

Here I was just taking a quick rest. San allowed me to walk on some grass after a long while - three years to be exact. She thought I had caught a bug at the park which caused my respiratory problems. It was cool to sit on the grass. I realised I got tired after a short walk and since san did not allow me to walk along the corridor I thought I should I just take a break right there. 

San wanted to show my physiotherapist how well I was walking and how much better I was at making turns. I still stumble a bit but san told me this was a vast improvement from the 1st very scary day. She also wanted to show the specialist vet when she sees him this Friday. The vet told us he wanted to see me in 3 weeks for a review. This is my 20th day and tomorrow will be 3 weeks that I have this condition. The specialist said we may be looking at 3 to 6 weeks for me. Most literature says that usually cats get out of it in about 2 weeks or so. We are still hoping that I would get a wider range of motion for my head so I can walk a little better. 

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