Monday, March 08, 2021

Fly High Akira


20 Feb 2005 - 8 March 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy Gotcha Day Rez


Rez came to live with us in early December. He began as a commcat, then we fostered him because he got very sick. He lived in boarding some of the time as he was naughty and the amigos were stressed out with his constant harassment. He was more aggressive and didn't care for anyone. He wanted to be BOSS.

Then Bujang told me that it was a very bad idea to board him and make him live such an uncertain life. "Then he won't know how to live with us san." So finally on 31 Dec, 2015 he became our newest amigos. 

He has learnt that Bujang is the BOSS and Poppy is the Supervisor. Akira is the one with the whip but Tanaka is easy. He is now a muscular cat and one of these days, he will get what he wants. He will be the BOSS although I hope not for some time yet. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Popsicle Poppy


Its December and the rainy season is here. This morning it started to drizzle so it was a good time to nap. san bought a mat for Akira and it came with this frilly pillow so she gave it to me. I was glad she didn't get us the one with rampaging blue monkeys!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

My New Cat Cave


san got me a new cat cave as I was using my brothers' carrier to sleep in. Because of that they could not go out for a stroll together. This came  last night and san put it out for me this morning. I am still not used to it as it is bigger than the carrier but it is spacious and cool. I noticed that no one else tried to use it though. I think its because there is the 'new' smell. san will try to put our old blankets in it to see if anyone else likes it as well. 
I can see pretty much everything from this cave as well. So I must say that I am very pleased with san. I sit here with my tiger (that I had when I was only 6 months old). The best part is the colour of course. 

I am doing well. I went to the vet and my weight is 4.28. So I have not gone any thinner from last week. He was pleased and so were we all.  Tomorrow is my second acupuncture appointment with Dr Oh. My vet said that acupuncture has been  very effective in pain management so san was very comforted.                             

Today I spent much of the time sleeping under san's quilt on the couch. san was a little nervous as I didn't eat much by myself but slept much. But since I didn't look dazed or disoriented (like I did the first week of my flare), san left me alone to rest. I just had some food and now am going to nap again.



Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Just Because


This is my new Christmas ribbon. We don't have new collars this year as San thinks we have too many already. So san decided to give away a few of our collars to other catses. I was very relieved she didn't give away my red one.

Today I also went to see my acupuncturist to get him to help with my pain issues.  I have 2 more sessions and then san says we will have to see what to do then. Right now I need to rest for a bit...maybe the whole day. 

Monday, December 14, 2020


These two are always at the door but both prefer the morning breeze and the fact that almost no one passes by the house at that time. Tanaka likes the breeze but Popps likes looking outside at all hours. No one  pays them particular attention but I notice they are also less afraid of passersby. Rez however has not yet understood that he would be okay inside even if a noisy crowd passes by  the house as he is protected by the gate. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020



Akira this evening, sleeping on the couch, feeling much better.

Akira has had chronic pancreatitis for about 5 years or so but it was only this March that she suffered her first pancreatic flare. She was hospitalised for a week and suffered through many tests. The vet said that pancreatitis can only be managed and not cured and sent her home with some meds. She was ok for a few months until last month when she began the morning with diarrhea (as she has IBD) and then she vomitted her food. I read from blog posts that the IBD usually precedes a flare. My vet did not tell me this though. And that pancreatic flares are very painful to begin with. 

It has taken us 6 weeks for her to recover from this flare. She also had very bad indicators for her failing kidneys and her phosphorus was 7.3. So since there was nothing new that the vet could offer my cat, I decided on a regime that would be workable. So instead of ALOH which would take us a long time and stress her out even more, I decided on Niacinamide, which the Kidney FB recommended to bring down phosphorus quickly. I also decided on Astro Oil, protein and creatinine scubbers. She also gets the triad meds for a flare - buprenorphine (pain meds) (very expensive here), cerenia (anti emetic) and mirtazapine (for her appetite). After 4 weeks we did all her tests again and I am glad to say her numbers are a little better. I can now just give her the pain meds only once a day instead of twice and the mirtazapine only when she needs it. 

Although I don't think she will be her old self again as she is now thinner and had lost much of her muscle tone, she is cheery at home and eats well enough (with assisted feeding as well). She hangs out at new places in the house and yesterday actually reprimanded Rez for disturbing Bujang. She is also now sleeping better and getting up on the couch more. Even though her creatinine and BUN indicators were a little better, it is too soon to say  if she her kidneys are better. The vet said it cold be because she has less muscle. What is important now is of course her quality of life and I think she still has that one down. We hope for prayers and good thoughts. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Just Because and some words...

These days I have been sitting with san quite a lot.  She has been writing things in red on many papers. I thought I should give her some company being the BOSS cat. Also I found out that If I sit close to her, she would stop doing using the red pens and she would talk to me instead, or fall asleep or even better, she would get up and give me treats. No tuna but at least something just as delicious. Yummy!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tasty Tuna...lalala

san tells me that I would get a treat for my birthday and she gave me some tuna that humans eat. It was very tasty but she said I can't have too much of it. I asked her when I can have some more. She just looked at me and said 'lalala'. This means not for a long time. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cuddle Time

It quite surprised me that last night Bujang decided that he would sit on my lap for a change. As he is a big kitty, he had to turn around and manouvre  himself onto my lap several times before he got comfortable. It surprised me as he had never, even as a kitten, sat n my lap before and now that he is all of 16 and at 6.4 kg, he is a big and heavy kitty. At first I was worried and thought he may be unwell but as he was not sneezing or hot to the touch, I decided that he may just want some me-time as we were not able to go outside for 2 weeks already. Also he was not bothered that Akira was beside him. Usually he would give the other cats space first and he would not sit with them.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Akira on Saturday


All day mama has been trying to take pictures of us but her phone failed her many times. I think she knows that she needs to get a new one just so she can take pictures of us, not because she needs it to talk to anyone.