Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working Wednesday

Yes. I am the kitchen supervisor...

I have to see that Cousin R is fixing new knobs on grandma's cabinet doors tightly...
Hmmm...I fink she is doing agood job!

It furry difficult to oversee the spring cleaning...

We are doing simple jobs these 2 weeks. The house painters are coming next week to paint the house in grandma's favourite colours - mostly white and some hint of grey and pink. We have ordered a new front door so we will not have our fabulous orange door with the red flowers on it anymore and we also have new cupboards and book shelves.

Nevertheless it would be a harrowing time for both Ms Akira and Toro but it has been 6 years since we last painted our house. We didn't have any of the kitties then so I guess I would have to give all of them extra attention.

I had thought of sending them to an animal hotel for 3 days but then they would miss the house and their things and that would surely give them all stress. Grandma would worry about them and I would have to go back and forth and that would stress out grandma as she would be with the painters! Anyway since we do not have much furniture in the house, the painters promised 3 days at the max.

So by Christmas, everything would be finished. Not that we celebrate Christmas but it would stll be nice to have everything finished to welcome Christmas:)

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