Wednesday, December 23, 2009

House Painting Day 3

On the last day our house looks like this...and the boys looked like ...
Oh dear...
High Up Here...I can see effurything...
I dun like this..I really dun...
Are we safe already? Do I need to go back into grandma's cupboard?

The boys were not amused when they all had to be sequestered in grandma's room. They were pretty nervous as the room was much smaller and I was not in the room with them. So they decided to get hiding places to feel safer.

However, right after lunch the Uncle had to finish painting the door to grandma's room and so he painted the outside and then when it came to painting the other side of the door, he opened the door slowly so as not to frighten the boys. Only Tanaka came up to inspect the door as well as the Uncle. :) THEN..he walked out and decided to investigate.

Since he is the most curious, I had to put him in Akira's cage so he could watch all the goings on and not get underfoot. Then Megat came out to greet grandma and me and then he asked for some attention before resting in the cat basket :)

Bujang of course did not make an appearance but as the door was open, he could watch and still be safe in Tanaka's house. Toro was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately all my fears of cats getting underfoot did not materialise. The boys behaved themselves very well.

All the painting would be done today and we can put the whole house in order, not just parts of the house. Tomorrow, our front door will be here and then everything will indeed be over. Then the boys will have to get used to the house again but since we will have no more strangers, everything will be fine.

There was just one accident in 3 days, which is good. The other painter moved my antique (aka old cupboard) and broke part of the glass. We would just have to paste the broken part with cardboard and masking tape first. The glass is very thin and I was afraid of just this happening. But it was no one's fault. I am just grateful that the accident was a small one.

Now I need to find someone who can replace just one pane of very thin glass :-(

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cat_aunty said...

oh was like that also when we painted the house....but we only had one cat, and it was easier for Spencer as she could hide under the bed. The painters were aware there was a cat in the house, and they were very quiet with their work