Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review and Gotcha Day Wishes

I am glad to be 14th (on Sunday) and be safe at home with san, grandma, ms akira and my bruffers...

We went for our m0nthly review at ARCV and saw Dr L. He said Megat's gums were a healthy red considering his condition, his fur was shiny and he certainly looked very well. He checked him for lumps and found none. HURRAH!!

I asked him if he thought Megat was a little fat. He certainly looked it and we certainly felt it. Dr L just laughed and said " Its ok. He is ok as he is." So we have to just follow the same regimen as we had before and to see him again next month.

Megat has certainly bloomed into very bossy kitty and would give no one, not even Bujang much space. He would be the first one to rush at anyone that he deems to be trespassing and everyone keeps a wary eye out for the new BOSS. Sometimes he forgets and allows the other kitties to walk past him. The one who is not afraid of him is Tanaka who ignores him. They have been seen to touch noses though :)

He certainly has become a cleanlines freak and just now he was yelling from inside his cage. I thought it was just a case of him wanting attention but not so. He had pooed in his litter and had had a little accident so the poor kitty had been asking me to help him clean up. Once he got cleaned up and I had changed his bedding and litter, he very happily settled down for the night :)

It has been 7 months since his first vincristine injection. I sometimes forget that he has had a harrowing experience with lymphoma but I am glad that eventhough he is very bossy these days, he is still happy and going on strong.

Happy 14 years Megat :))


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

What great news! It made s all smile!

Happy 14th Megat!

Anonymous said...

Such excellent news! Happy 14th years young to your handsome kitty.

cat_aunty said...

Happy Gotcha Day to a very special and brave kitty!

HRH Coco said...

Megat sure looks good, after what he's been through. :)

Anonymous said...

Clean bill of health & Happy Gotcha Day! Wishing Megat good health & happiness always.