Saturday, December 12, 2009

Corridor Inspection

Yup..effuryfing is okie...

Bujang made a lot of noise and climbed on the sofa yelling and so I knew that he was fed up with being cooped up in the house and wanted to go for a walk. I put his harness on him and he immediately walked up to the gate. He knew he was going out :) He walked the whole length of the corridor and became quite curious with the still-to-be-fixed grills of our new neighbour and sniffed at them until I had to remind him it was time to get a move on.

He got quite afraid when the 'karang=guni' man came by with his very loud horn. He bolted for home and I was more than thankful that his jacket was not too loose. We followed the man at a discreet distance until Bujang realised that he was quite safe. He then made a thorough check of grandma's plants before the faint sounds of the horn scared him into the house.

But once in, he became quiet and quite relaxed and had a nap on the coffee table :) I really must bring him out more often!

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