Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

cat cd...

I had written about this cd some time ago and had reported that I would try and see what would happen to the amigos once they heard it and I must say that after 3 days, it is very effective at calming down the boys. I listened closely and heard warm purring sounds emanating from the music and the music itself is calming to the sprirts, even mine.

I thought of trying this out when we had a little accident - my bed (which was already many many years old) gave way with Toro and Tanaka on it. It scared all of the boys so much that they spent the rest of the time wide-eyed, added to the fact that the aircon people came and rattled them already. Then I realised that if the cd works, Cousin R could play it for them at night as I would be away for a week. Then they would be calm and fall asleep without me :)

It has worked like a miracle and I do not need to play the classical tunes from online radio all the time. It really works:)

It would also set my mind at rest as eventhough Cousin R would babysit, I know Bujang would make quite a rcaket if things are not the way he thinks they must be and his yelling would wind up Toro, Tanaka and Cousin R too :) I would be in Langkawi and would not worry about them for at least a week :))


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip!
I read that cats' purring helps healing of broken bones and speed bone regeneration. You put on CD to help cats to relax and cats purr to strenthen Grandma's bones:)

meemsnyc said...

I think we need that CD too! The kitties could use some calming down, especially Dante!