Tuesday, December 22, 2009

House Painting Day 2

Huh! Its him again...the manbean from yesterday.
I know that step anywhere...

The manbean - Uncle Ng at work early this morning...

Megat had gotten a comfortable and safe retreat...

The boys were no longer bothered by the painters. They had other fish to fry- some workers were cutting grass on the common patch downstairs.

As I was clearing out some junk for recycling this morning, Mr Ng (Uncle in the blog) came to the house, dressed very neatly in a green shirt and trousers. He came at 8.30 am!! That is one hour earlier than his stipulated time. He dresses betters than some other contarctors I had seen. He then put on his work t-shirt and shorts while the other painter just painted in his shirt and trousers. They were both very neat and tidy. More importantly, they also worked quietly which meant the amigos were not rattled at all. They were more rattled by the grasscutters!

The other painter worked very quickly and in no time at all, he had painted the 2 ceilings of the 2 bedrooms and is now painting walls! WOW! I had to put Ms Akira in her cage and then put her in my bedroom with the 4 boys! AIYOH!

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