Monday, December 21, 2009

All Calm on the Eastern Front

The boys are all together in one room while the Uncle is still painting our living room. He still has 3 bedrooms, one kitchen and 2 bathrooms to go (oh dear). Megat asked to be in the same room as the rest of the boys by meowing loudly and so I had rescued him.

The Uncle has painted my living room rose (oh dear again). I had a shock and looked again at my receipt and indeed it had stated the number that I saw on the can. So the Uncle was not at fault. He said that oftentimes, the colour in the books is different from the actual colour in the can. Its rather pretty though, probably better than the cool grey colour I wanted (or assumed grey from the paint book). I guess it would go with our dark walnut chocolate furniture at least. However the walls just look white in the light! Aiyoh! These charts should come with a warning label! All that time choosing for nothing. The consolation is grandma would have the last laugh as she did tell me numerous time that white is best. It makes the house look big (!) and clean. Considering the way grandma cleans the house, it would look clean even if the walls are black. She is a cleanaholic!

But he is very slow and I wonder who will break first. Not the boys though. I think grandma is showing visible signs of cracking though as she has a headache from the paint. I am surprised that the smell of the paint was not as strong as before. I had asked Cousin R to bring us some lemons and limes so we could reduce the smell even more once the Uncle has finished.

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Anonymous said...

How about some crushed charcoal in the room to absorb the smell?