Saturday, December 12, 2009

Langkawi Catses :)

The Sun Spa Kitty

She was a very pretty little thing who had her own mat at the spa. She could not be more than 6 months and she slept throughout our time at the spa and then some. No one minded her being there and she disturbed no one. I think all the aromatherapy relaxed her and made everyone quite mellow. Although the massages were not all that great, the cat made up for it :)

This kitty sat like a big rock on the sidewalk. He did not move even an inch when the whole group pf us walked past. One of my friends whispered ...Cat Fight...and indeed it was a great...

The ginger kitty was much calm but the tuxie was very nervous.

Then a very skinny kitty walked past quickly. I could barely catch him...

This pretty kitty was in Kuah - the small town centre. My friends were buying souvenirs (from India in Langkawi, no less) when I saw her sniffing for food. Since I had some dry Orijen I gave her some. She ate daintily, had a drink from my water bottle and proceeded to sit along the sidewalk, close to the roadside. No one tried to chase her away and all of the people moved around her. This was a far cry from what would happen here!

This very fat kitty sat at my feet at a small restaurant called Malay House...

She ate about 40 g of Orijen... in 15 minutes...

I was very glad to see that she was spayed. My friends thought she was pregnant and I had to tell them that this was just a very fat kitty :) The restaurant people allowed her to walk about but there were not many people there too. I had to make sure that I have some biscuits for Minah who would yell at me if she saw me with nothing for her.

My holiday in Langkawi was marvellous and relaxing. We stayed at The Frangipani Langkawi. We booked online but the beauty of The Frangipani must be seen in real life. It was sprawling low property and not over- built. It is the greenest resort in Malaysia and one of the top 3 in the world with simple and effective environmental policies. The owner Mr Anthony Wong, a naturalist, sponsors teenagers as well as universities to learn how to be environmentally-conscious and he gives lectures to the UN too. Of course he sat with us and we chatted about the world as well as about life :) He is as generous and warm as his hotel. :) I would be writing more about Langkawi and eagle feeding at my other blog :) Best not to talk about anything non-cat here :)

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Welcome back, we had missed you!

it is always great to meet kitties when we are travelling