Friday, February 23, 2024

San, how does your garden grow?

 There is nothing good to eat in san’s indoor garden. All her plants are outside and she has only these 2 on top of the small cupboard. She told me it’s so I don’t eat the plants as the Dead Man’s cactus and Cebu Blue are not for eating. Also she has a concrete robin, a calico cat in a yellow arm chair and an angel cat. The angel cat used to belong to Rainbow Cat Totoro but it fell off his urn and broke both ears. San did not want to throw it away so she kept it inside the house. She couldn’t get another one as the Etsy seller said she would not send any more overseas. I told san she should have a little spider plant there as well but she seems to not understand me at all. 



  1. We know that spider plants are your favourite snacks, MM, so that is probably why San said no.

    The Chans

  2. It's a lovely little garden, I think, and I like the little angel cat. You look like you're seeing if the angel cat is really asleep, MM.

  3. We love that little garden, and we are glad san saved the angel cat.