Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thursday at home

Yup. Today I went for a walk early, about ten-ish. It was quiet as its a weekday and almost everyone, except san, was at work. My brother Tanaka went for a walk before I did but san didn't bring her camera so there would be no pictures of that. But I went downstairs as well. 
                                          Our neighbors must love bicycles. 
san told me to pose near this bin as it was red like my harness. So I obliged as she did take me for my morning walk. This is where the neighbor would burn paper money as offerings to their ancestors. 
Then I walked up again and stopped to rest. I like resting along the corridor as it would be cool and there would be a soft breeze through this gap in the wall. san sat to read her new book by Terry Pratchett. I told her to laugh quietly as it was a restful morning. When we got home of course there were birds to look at.
The orange fuzzball or like san says, my brother, and I sat by the window to listen to the sunbird (thanks #1 for telling us the name). It was small and it flittered about here...
but san did not manage to capture it with the cellphone and she didn't bring her camera outside at all. But it was pretty loud for such a small birdie. san said she would leave you with her favorite picture from this morning. 
It's not often that we sit together like this so san thought it would be a good picture. Of cos she also wished that my sister Ms Akira can be in the picture as well but I think that would not happen any time soon.  Have a good day everyone. I think mine began well and I hope it would continue to be sunny throughout the day as well.

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meowmeowmans said...

What a nice walk you had, Bujang! And we love your pictures -- especially the one of you and Tanaka hanging out together. :)