Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Amigos on Family and Friends

Today being Christmas, we thought we should post about our bestest Christmas present ever. Our Rainbow Bridge brothers Totoro and Megat spoke to Laura, who just happens to be the bestest animal communicator we know, and told us some things that we needed to know. 
This is an older picture of me but san said since I looked so well here, she would put it up again. All the pictures here may be ones that you have seen already but san said it would be ok since it would be the same for our bridge brothers as well. Of course san will post about us and what we think as we are five  cats, three here and two at the bridge. 

Today's post is all about family and how family is important to think about and how to make relationships better as well. We hope that when you read our thoughts about family, you would smile kindly on us and wish us well. We hope that today, more than any other, that every one has kind thoughts about their own family and for people and animals who have yet to find a family. Merry Christmas everybody. 

We begin with our bridge brother Totoro who went to the bridge 2 years ago but is with us everyday. 
I want to tell my mom she did a beautiful job of helping me to heaven and helping me when I was alive. I want her to know that I was comforted by her. I knew that my life was coming to an end because I kept feeling pulled out of my body. Even way before I died I kept feeling this pulling sensation. 

There is a granny up here in heaven that needed me. She has beautiful skin and beaded necklaces. She has necklaces that are long. She takes care of me and I help her with her processing. Cause sometimes she has to look at her life and it is scary so I keep her company. I let her pet me all over and I lie on her lap and knead her knees. 
I want to tell my family that it is beautiful up here and that there are outsides with big red flowers that drape over beautiful green stems. And there is always gravy for cats. Big bowls of gravy for cats and there are also love blankets and cushions that smell like my family on earth. So whenever I want to be with them I go and lie on the love blankets and cushions. 

(We do have red flowers that drape over green stems in our own corridor garden. I had them because I thought it would attract birds for kitty TV. Toro went to the bridge one week after his kidney operation. He had to be resuscitated once the day before he passed.)

Our bridge brother Megat went to the bridge in October this year. He would have been 18 on 13 December.  

I didn't think heaven would be anything special cause life at home is really special. It's like this beautiful mystery up here. Sometimes I just want to sleep and I sleep in the feeling and noises of home. I see my family walking around me and I sleep in the beauty of it and then I think of a mouse and go chase it. I can also become a shadow and chase my friends on earth or relax over them so they can feel me vibrating. 
Tell my family that their love helped me fly to heaven with the beauty of an upside down raindrop in the sun. 

It's true. I had such a great family on earth that I am able to be here and enjoy myself. I have seen Totoro and he tells me to live as free pulsating energy so that is what I do when I come to them. 

I want them to know that my life was healthy. It didn't always seem healthy but it was healthy and I want them to know that I love them a great deal. I love them more than anything. I love you family. 

(On the day that I had to help him to the bridge I remembered that he once asked Laura what would happen to his body when he went to meet Toro and whether a spirit would enter his body when he was no longer there. Laura then told him that nothing would enter his body and bodies sometimes get sick but the spirit is healthy and free. So on that day I told him that his body was too sick to carry him and he would have to leave it behind. When the doctor comes to help him I wanted him to run fast and fly high. When Dr Ly came to help him I kept whispering that he should run fast and fly high. I guess he heard me)
Tanaka: After I heard about heaven I think family should be pulsating love and cuddle time. It should be where everyone was smart and no one feels smarter than the other one cause everyone has a different mind and they use it differently and every member knows themselves and knows each other. (I am glad he remembered what Bujang told him about the way Akira's mind works and now they should give each other space) 
Family should also be a good trip to safety, security and comfort. Yes, I realize Akira is part of my family. 
Akira: I feel like family should be proud. Proud of themselves and proud of each other and proud of the connections. I like to feel proud cause it makes me feel healthier. 
Family should be quiet and a sense of knowing that you are safe. Family should be good communicators  and a feeling of self worth. I feel good about myself. I hope that for everyone. 
Bujang: I feel like family should be education and a place to learn and feel that learning is safe and fun. I feel family should help each other be better. I tell what I know and they tell what they know. We help each other. Family should be like mom. We should be mom. Thanks mom. 

(I think he is referring to what Tanaka and Akira had told him about the vet and what Akira had told him about Adrian, her osteopath. I would post about what she said of Adrian later that persuaded Bujang that going to see an osteopath may be a good thing. Bujang was also very wise and had tried to tell Tanaka about the difference between girl cats and boy cats or rather the difference between how Tanaka thinks and Akira thinks)
One last word from Bujang: Can you ask my mom a question for me? When we sing together does she understand that I enjoy it? Well I have to say that sometimes I feel calm and my body is fine and other times I feel like walking and meowing and it comes on fast and leaves fast. When mom is playing the songs for me, it leaves faster. 

(I had asked Laura to ask him why he meows loudly at night and why he keeps walking around the bedroom meowing. I didn't tell Laura about the songs that I sing to him to calm him down though. It was a surprise to me that she spoke about them or Bujang spoke about them. I will post a out Bujang and his dislike for people touching him in a later post)

We leave you with a picture of our family. This was taken during leash training and when Megat was still with us. Notice that Bujang had put himself in between Akira and Tanaka. He is very protective of her and would try to be around for comfort. 

 Once again, we wish everyone a good Christmas with family and with friends.



Katnip Lounge said...

This is a lovely post, and Mommy is all teary knowing that her Angel kitties are free and happy too. We'd like to wish you a Meowy Catmas!

Eat (ham) drink (cream) and Sniff Nip!!

Love, The Katnip Lounge Kats and Mommy Trish

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

A post that is so full of love and al the things that make life precious. You have a wonderful family.

And we really enjoying hearing Toro-Chan and Megat again. Their spirits are strong and beautiful.

The Chans

Honey P. Sunshine said...

Merry Christmas!

Katie Isabella said...

I wanted you to know that this was the finest post of all. Thank you for it. I loved every word.

Anonymous said...

I'm teary. Miss the Rainbow boys & give thanks for the ones around. D