Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ms Akira's Two Cents

So we continue with Akira's and Tanaka's stories and why they think they are having such troubles.
Akira: I need to tell you that I am thinking a lot about what Bujang said and mom's calming signals (licking the lips, yawning, looking at and looking away, stretching when they feel stressed) would help me to be more calm. Is there a calming herb? Like something I can eat that makes my body less reactive. I feel like my body reacts before my mind does. I need to know if I am safe and sometimes I don't know for a while. Tell Tanaka , "If you try harder, I will try harder." My eyes and his will sometimes make it worse. I have noticed that.If my eye shift too much he gets worse. I shift because I am scared.
san: Its true that Akira's eyes take a large part of her face :) In our last conversation, my cat Megat (who is now at the bridge) told Laura that he can feel Akira's eyes in the dark and they scare him. That was also the reason why Megat used to chase her as well.
Akira: I think he has the potential to be nice to me cause we have moments where he is kind and just sits near me and my fear drifts. yes my fear drifts. (I asked Laura to ask her when these moments are as I thought I could try to make sure that they both get more of these moments) 

Akira: We are separate.  It is either one - me outside 
or him outside
and even when mom does leash work I feel better. I like leash work cause I feel like he is enjoying my presence and that makes me feel good.
(At this point, Laura decided to tell Tanaka to just try to let it go and stop chasing her. Just release everything.)
Tanaka: The idea is good and I think maybe I won't chase her. maybe I won't chase her anymore and I have to say "Bujang, I get it that you are calmer than her. I understand." So I should follow him. I should follow him.

(I also told Laura at this time that I had been thinking of just taking him off his leash and harness and allow them both outside just to see what he would do as he has been doing very well with the leash training. Akira started to meow very loudly and Laura asked who it was that was meowing so much. She decided to ask Akira why she was meowing) 

Akira: This is too much about him and too little about me. I want to say that no way! Do not let him off the leash and also I want to say I am not skittish and really scaredy. I am smart and my body knows how to move. I stretch too. I need to tell you that I need love time.
The time where my body and soul have this refreshing breath of fresh air. I need to do this with my mom everyday.

I like to sleep with my mom and have love refreshing time. I love that time.

(She will only sit on my lap if when I am at the computer and it could be like this for quite some time. So now I am smarter and I have put both chairs closer so there is no gap under my knees. Its much better that way. I have not done this for some time as I try to play with her so she could do more stretching but after this I will do this a lot more and see how she could get some play time as well. I asked her how her body feels and whether she enjoys going to see Adrian, our osteopath)
Akira: My body does feel better. I stretch better and when he massages me I feel a release of everything. I am much happier and more confident and I want to say something mom. Mommy you are the best mommy ever :)). I feel like you do a lot for us and I understand it when you talk to me and it helps me. My doctor (Adrian Lalani) said I am a nice cat. (which he does every time he sees her).
Akira: Can I have treat training? I want treat training for the calming signals and also for jumping on things. Tell me to jump and then I jump. My paws are sometimes sensitive. And my food sometimes make s me more anxious after I eat. I hate that. I like to have treats. My wish for our family is that we all get along and mom feels good about our relationships and she feels that harmony is something she created.

Akira: Tanaka is not all that bad. He just has a problem that he needs to work out.

san: I think it was a good session for both Tanaka and Akira to talk and for me to know what is happening with them  Apart from their troubles, I was also wondering how the osteopath treatments are going for them and indeed Akira is more confident and more assertive. She behaves very differently from 2 years ago and she has made great strides in this. She sees Adrian, our osteopath now 4 times a year only. She had also given Bujang advice about Adrian and I would post that later on.

I had discussed with Laura how I needed to go on with the leash training and she advised me that just like Akira said, I should not release Tanaka from his harness and leash outside with Akira before doing more exercises. We discussed the exercises, like walking around the house with her outside or walking up and down. Now I also have to train Ms Akira :)) Thank goodness Bujang did not ask for any training. he just wanted me to sing more:)) They are very funny kitties! 

But tomorrow being Christmas, I would post about our precious Rainbow bridge brothers and what the cats say about family :)) 


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We are really enjoying reading these posts. It is good for humans to know what we kitties think!

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My love and tenderness to ALL of you. ALL of you. I hope that this will all be resolved. Precious little spirits.

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We love reading about your talks with Laura! We sned you love, and all of our wishes for peace and harmony. Hugs!