Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Adventures

This morning I went outside and saw a nice bright sunpuddle but I didn't stop as I wanted to walk up the staircase to see what's up.               
This is a nice square sunpuddle but san also reminded me that it was in front of  our neighbour's house and since we do not know this neighbour well, we should not stop for so long.      
                              So I climbed the stairs to see what else was about.    
                                Not much though so I decided to walk home. 
                                                 What's that sound then eh?
                       Must be the sunbirds. Who else should make those chirpings?
                                  As usual the sunbird was hiding out! 
                                               Hmmm.  It's not here san!
    That was just a white hibiscus. I sat for a bit more then went home. I had quite an adventure outside.  I am now used to just walking along our corridors as the repair works is taking a long time. 

                   Yesterday san asked me what I was watching when I sat in my seat. 
                      I saw this.
It was a little bug. I was thinking if it was going to do anything but it just stayed there so I had a ...
                        nap instead.

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