Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Christmas Present

With all the Christmas talk, san bought us a Christmas present. Actually she bought us two Christmas presents. But she said this one is for everyone who wants to play in it. So I am here to supervise from far away just in case. It came in a box with pictures of cute kittens on it. 
                                        Hmm, Wheel of Fun? I have to see it to believe it!
These things are supposed to be able to cope with a 9 kg cat. san says it should work for me but I am not so sure. By the way I am NOT 9 kgs!
                                                    This is the bottom piece.
This is what the whole piece looks like. I heard san say to Cousin R that this could not possibly hold me. I think she is right!
  Ok. I must say it looks good. Pink is my favorite colour. But I think I will just use the bottom half. There is no way I can use the top. I think the cats that were on the box were small ones and just models!
This very blurred pic is of Tanaka sitting in it. He is only 4.1 kg and he didn't even try to sit on the top tier! If you look at this picture closely, you will see the top of Akira's ears on the top cage and Tanaka is in his harness and leash. They were actually together in the same room and they were both calm! san is doing leash training with Tanaka but_that_ is a long story for another time. This one is just for this Christmas present. We hope everyone gets lots of presents this time. 

Our second Christmas present was opened early this morning at 3. It was an animal communication session with the very famous animal communicator Laura Stinchfield. san asked about the ongoing difficulties between Tanaka and Akira and even I got to speak with her. We also spoke to my brothers at the bridge Totoro and Megat. san said she would write about what we said in later posts so that anyone who is interested in what we think can read about it. 
san says not everyone believes in an animal communicator but it's ok. Laura has helped Ms Akira find help for her crooked spine and Fern has helped Tanaka find help as well. If not for the two of them, san would not have known that they were in pain. Laura and san told me this morning that I should try my best at the vet. Maybe I will. At least I will try not to bite him!!

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

That is an awesome Christmas present!!! And what a great colour too! We look forward to seeing you all use it!

And we look forward to hearing about the conversation with the animal communicator.

The Chans