Monday, December 23, 2013

Tanaka and Bujang on friendship and girls

For visitors who are here by accident: I had asked Laura Stinchfield, the animal communicator, to talk to my cats as we are having some trouble with 2 of them, Tanaka and Akira. Tanaka has been chasing her non-stop for many years and this had unsettled her and contributed to her over- grooming and stress. Laura had spoken to them 2 years ago and since then I had found osteopath help for Akira as part of the trouble was physical as well.

This time (19 Dec 2013), I had asked Laura to get all of them to speak together so everyone knows what the other one feels about the issues of friendship, family, behaviour, calming signals and training. There are many other things as well and I thought this being the last week of 2013, I would write about our conversations. 

(Laura and I) asked Tanaka why he makes Akira upset and why he chases her all the time. 
Tanaka: I have been upset also. I have been thinking about Akira and how we have lessons (leash training) and I wonder if Akira thinks it is fun. I have been upset that she is in our house cause I feel she is mom's favorite. Sometimes I feel she makes my mom happy and I make my mom mad. 

You don't think I know how to be friends. If I don't know how to be friends then how do I become friends or know that?

(Laura asked me what she should tell Tanaka and we decided that we should tell him that he should behave like he bahaves with Bujang - sitting calmly together, eating together, leaving each other alone, calming signals and giving each other space)

Bujang is different cause he doesn't get upset and feisty in his body. He doesn't get anxious with his body. I have to say that if I ask her a question she usually doesn't answer. If I say take your time, what do I do then?

(At this point in the conversation Bujang decided to interrupt and to give Tanaka advice)
Bujang: I have to say something. What would help him is to realize that she is female and we are male. He doesn't understand that females think differently. Females are more like ....they have more energy to them and complexity. She thinks a lot. She is always thinking and we don't think that much and so the thinking makes Tanaka nervous but he should just wait and let her think things out and then deal with it. I am really calm and when he puts pressure on me I don't move a lot and she moves a lot and that causes problems with him cause that makes him nervous. I think he just needs to realize he is him and she is her and they just need to let that be without getting wrapped up in each other. 

(At this point Laura told him that Akira is just a little scared of him and as family they should take care of one another. She also told him that Akira is family)

Tanaka: She is not a bad cat? She doesn't hate me?


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

This is all so very interesting. Poor Tanaka-Chan who thinks he is not loved enough, or even hated! We hope the communicator helped him understand that is not true! In fact, we hope the communicator really helps everyone to understand each other better!

The Chans

Katie Isabella said...

I so want precious Tanaka Chan to feel secure. xxoo