Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where do I sleep?

Megat has been trying to get out of the pethouse for some days. I had blogged about Megat's housing problem some days ago.
  1. He feels that he does not need a formal sleeping area for himself BUT
  2. I feel that he needs one so that every cat knows where his own sleeping quarters is.
  3. He feels that he should be able to get out of his sleeping quarters any time he chooses BUT
  4. I feel that THIS would put The Boys in danger of having to find alternative sleeping places. This is not a good idea as I have been trying to get into Bujang's good books. Depriving Bujang of his favourite sleeping quarters is NOT the way to go.
  5. He feels that if he asks me loudly to let him out, I should BUT
  6. I feel that if a kitty wants to get out at 3 am and I let him, I must be outta my mind.
  7. He feels that if he wants to, he could shred his sleeping quarters or at least the door flap to bits as this would allow him to escape BUT
  8. I feel that as a sane person, I should be able to come up with something else so I can get some restful sleep and not have a 4.5 kg cat walk all over my face in the early hours of the morning.

So I got him one of those dog kennels with a green roof and red door. Megat slept in it without incident for one night. I was so pleased that it went okay so the next night, I put him to bed and opened the room door (he is now sleeping in a different room). The next morning, grandma woke me up and asked me where he was! ARGHHH! Megat has struck again. He managed to escape from the kennel and he had figured out how to unlatch the door. So once a cat knows how to unlatch the door, it makes little sense to put him in the kennel again. Once an escape artist, always an escape artist.

So today, I went to PL and bought a new cage for Ms Akira as she has outgrown the MARUKAN. I am putting Megat in the MARUKAN and there is no way in #@$% that he can get out of THAT by himself. I am returning Bujang his pethouse so he can have restful naps in it in the afternoons and I am giving the kennel away to my cousin for his 2 cats. No one else likes the kennel. Maybe they know its for dogs :)

The new cage will be here on Wednesday so for now he would still have to sleep in the pethouse in my sister's room. I have reinforced the doorflap with masking tape (yeah I am THAT desperate). I think since my sister would not be in Singapore for some months yet, Megat can squat in there and it makes me happy as he does not yell when he is in that room. I guess he knows it would make little difference as I am not in there with him :)

I hope this would finally solve the sleeping arrangements in the amigo house :)


Grandma just told me she thinks Ms Akira would be much happier in the MARUKAN cos it has 2 tiers where she can hop on to when she feels like it. I guess I can try to reorganise her night snack so she would have more space to laze about at the bottom of the cage. :) I guess Megat would have to be contented with the new cage - no tiers but with lots of room for him to laze about.


LynGhazale said...

Hi i dont know I will address tu as animesanzo, I'd like to know where u bought the cat trees/condo for your kids. I have been trying to find one but those in ikano quite overprice. maybe its in ikano and the rent in mahal kot :). Nak beli la utk my 3 kids...suka nye tgk toro lepak2 di tepi tingkap

san said...

dear lynn

I bought the cat gym in singapore at Pet Station in sengkang. When I bought it early last year, there was a 10% discount. You have a very pretty cat that I saw in your blog :)

LynGhazale said...

aaaa okay so u live in singapore...i thought you were in msia hihihi. anywayss..have fun with your 4 furkids!

cat_aunty said...

aiyaya megat, are you getting a bit too big for your boots eh? Please behave! If not you may get sent back to the carpark again!