Sunday, October 28, 2007


The gangsta moll...

The Superhero...

The an appropriate pose...

The long suffering relative..."when will this end?"

Hotbed of Chaos in PR

At 2210 hrs, on 27th October, Saturday, 3 siblings in PR were found entangled in a hotbed of chaos.

Ms Akira, the sometime gangsta moll was found hiding under the table after being reprimanded by Big Boy Totoro. "She waz bein unreasonable you know...what was she thinkin? Biting san like dat?" Big Boy Totoro huffed and puffed. "We was just sittin when she screamed blue-murder...WOORRRWWRRR!" Big Boy Totoro bared his gleaming white teeth, showing his strong canines, trying to imitate Ms Akira. " I had to nip her to remind her that san was just trying to stop her from doin somethin reckless. We are not badly behaved and will never bite the hand that feeds us...umm..."
It transpired that Ms Akira was trying to tell Megat, the newest addition to this hot-headed family of 4, off. Megat was found abandoned in the cavenous dungeon in the vicinity, small and shivering with his fur bald in patches and fur mites crawling through it. san, a sometime cat woman :) found him and had been taking care of him for about 14 months. "I thought it best that we take care of the poor guy. After all, he is 10+ years with just one canine and a few teeth left. His eyes have the hint of the beginnings of a cataract and he will be the victim of kidney disease if nothing is done," san the cat caregiver said. She added that Ms Akira did not like the looks of Megat from the very beginning and was wondering if it was just revenge for the time Megat had spent harassing Ms Akira when he first came to the house 10 months ago.
She managed to separate Megat from the rest of the gang and put him in the bedroom to cool off. Then the rest of the Cat family were told to rest and reflect on their behaviour. After 30 minutes, when everything was calm, san gave them a light snack and put them to bed.
When interviewed, Bujang, the veteran of CATWARS replied that he was not surprised. "Youngsters today have no respect!" he hissed. "I do not know what the world is coming to." He then closed his eyes and took a nap.
san had to rest her hand but she reported that the skin was not broken although she can still feel a little dull ache. "But its nothing," she said "I am just glad the cats are all right today."

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